DIM Strategic planning & branding  2019

Strategic planning, restoring DIM's image after Mr.Beigbeder 2019;


  • Study of the DIM brand, its history and advertising heritage;

  • The formulation of a new Insight; Proposal for a new positioning;

  • Development of a more feminist strategic copy;

  • Determine the core target, the target of communication, the objective to be achieved;

  • Basic promise made to the target;

  • The proof, the justification that makes the promise credible and acceptable;

  • The consumer benefit;

  • The characteristics of the product that will justify this basic promise (the reason-why)

  • The tone of the communication used, the atmosphere and the atmosphere


  • Proposal of a new creative concept; Proposal of a new slogan in connection with the new communication strategy


  • Implementation of a 360° launch advertising campaign;

  • Cross-media presentation of our creative concept;

  • Priority media : Print campaign;

  • Secondary Media: Social Media verse campaign of Viral Marketing;

  • Concept advertising presentation mock-up (3 posters);

  • Media Planning; Theoretical budget


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